Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4 Months Later......

Oops! It has been 4 months. I guess that just shows how fast time can fly and how busy we can get with everyday life!

DECEMBER: What a great holiday season we had! Of course, Santa and the grandparents spoiled the boys rotten. ha ha. Our playroom looks like ToysRUs blew up! Memphis got a bunch of legos for Christmas and he and daddy have been busy building all sorts of things. Uncle Kirk has gotten into the action as well. This year, everybody came to our house! We did Christmas Eve with Grammy and Pop in the morning and that evening with Grandpa and Grandma. On Christmas Eve we had the pleasure of having Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tom, Cousin Bryan, Cousin Jeff, Aunt Linda, Uncle Ken, Cousin Misty and, of course, GG here too! What great fun! On Christmas day, we had Nana, Gramps and Uncle Kirk over to open presents. They stayed for dinner and our friends, The Lewis Family, joined us for dinner as well.

JANUARY: We were able to host the Rose Bowl at our house. It was fun because my dad went to Oregon and Scott's dad went to Ohio State. They made a wager on the game, and the Fighting Ducks lost. But it was fun. We had Memphis and Maverick dress according.
We did our annual trip to the Stock Show with Nana and Gramps.  The boys seem to really like it there.  Of course, all the Oldham males like the cowgirls.  ha ha.

FEBRUARY: February wasn't too busy.  Of course there was the school party for Valentine's Day.  And we were busy getting ready for our Las Vegas trip. 

MARCH: We left on February 28th for Las Vegas.  My special niece, Ashlee, was getting married!!  Memphis was her ringbearer.  We decided to drive.  Hmmmm....it went good really.  We thought we would get out of town about 2 a.m. so that the boys would sleep to Grand Junction where we would stop for breakfast.  Not so much.  They actually didn't fall asleep until much after Junction.  We had a blast in Las Vegas.  Sure, not your first choice for taking your kids to for vacation, but there was plenty to do. One of the funniest parts of the entire trip was that Maverick was able to fall asleep anywhere!  He fell asleep on his dad's shoulders, in a seat at a buffet, on a shuttle to and from our hotel, and ultimately, during the ceremony of Ashlee and Pete's wedding.  So funny!  And the wedding was beautiful!  Here are some pictures:

March also begins one of our birthday seasons!  It has my beautiful mommy. 
It has Grammy, who decided that indoor skydiving was the thing to do to celebrate 60 years! Memphis participated in the action!

APRIL:  So far in April, we have had Easter!

We went to church in the morning.  And then we had 19 people for dinner.  Scott, as usual, did a fantastic job cooking!  I got to meet a great-uncle and a 2nd cousing from Colorado Springs.  And we had a great time!

On a final note, today is my hubby's birthday!  Happy birthday to my Prince Charming!  I love you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Season

The season has started! We began it by going to the Starlighting event in Castle Rock. We went with our best friends, The Lewis Family. Again, to clarify, that is Molli's family. Everyone knows Molli is Memphis' girlfriend. It was very crowded, but fun to hang out. Castle Rock has such a small town appeal at times. I am so thankful to live here.
My dad celebrated his 65th birthday! Wow! Scott and I joined him and some of his friends, as well as my big brother, for a dinner at Perry Park Country Club. There is just no way to describe the yummy food there. It was a great time, with the exception of driving home in the snow! Luckily, we all made it safe. It took my poor brother over 3 hours to get back to Ft. Collins. Yikes! It is a really nice feeling that my dad and I have a good relationship and that we got to share in the celebration.
We did our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my dad and Jan's house. Jan's parents, Fred and Mary Anne were here from California. It is so nice to see that side of the family. Memphis and Maverick really enjoyed playing with their cousin Nina. Of course, like everyone else, we ate too much! I am always amazed at how well my dad cooks. Before dinner, we were able to see a doe and buck come into a clearing by my dad's house. And then, the excitement began. To put it in a 5 year old term, the one with the horns wanted a piggy back ride! And we all got to watch.
On Friday, Scott's big brother, Kirk, came down and stayed with us. The boys were so excited to have their Uncle Kirk and his dog, Ayla, here. They went for a hike, went to lunch, and played legos. My goodness, how they played legos. Kirk and Scott were like two little boys again. It was so cute. Poor Maverick wanted to be in on the action, but was mostly like a bull in a china shop. We were all sad to see Kirk go home. It was so great to have him here. What a blessing.
The other fantastic news is my niece, Ashlee, was here with her husband, Pete. It has been a long time since we have seen Ashlee, as she lives in Las Vegas. In fact, it was the first time she has met the boys. We met them first for dinner with my mom and Ren. The boys loved meeting her and Pete. Maverick and Pete were hilarious together. Maverick had a blast running up to Pete and Pete would turn him around in one way or another. I got to go spend some quiet time with Ashlee and Pete on Sunday. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, well-adjusted, niece. I can't even explain how much we have missed her over the years. I wish I could have spent more time with both of them. And Pete handled this crazy family very well.
We will be so busy over the next few weeks with holiday stuff. I am always excited for Christmas, and then I am happy when all the hustle and bustle is over. But it is so beautiful this time of year. I do hope we have a white Christmas! We hope you are all doing well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Month Gone By

So I guess I will begin with the huge snowstorm that hit us. We ended up having about 2 feet with a lot of drifts. Anyone who knows Scott will be shocked to learn that he was out plowing on the 4 wheeler for hours at a time! The boys had a great time playing in the snow. If you look closely, you will see them in the picture. What fun. Manny did not have as much fun, because the snow was taller than him. Poor thing. There was so much snow that even after several days of above average temperatures, we still had snow in the backyard. It was crazy. However, it didn't interfere with Halloween.

We had Darth Vader and Superman who went trick-or-treating. It was sort of weird, because Memphis has never seen Star Wars and Maverick doesn't watch any Superman. But, that is what they chose. Very cute.

We first went to a party at our dear friends, Jim and Jami Lewis. Again, you might know them as Molli's parents. (Just FYI, Memphis and Molli are still planning on getting married). I made two cakes for the party, not my best, but fun. The kids had a great time. Jami is amazing in her party planning and organization. After the party, the boys went out with some of the kids in the neighborhood, while I stayed home to pass out candy. They came home with way too much, especially considering that they don't normally eat a lot of candy. Although, I will say that Memphis has started to like chocolate more.

Memphis lost his first tooth. He was very excited. He put it in an envelope for the tooth fairy, but then asked Daddy if he could put it under Daddy's pillow this time. He didn't really want a stranger in his room. He lost a second tooth a week or so later. This time, he asked Daddy to call the Tooth Fairy Office and request a girl tooth fairy to come. He agreed